Wide Int

Our Mission

Empowering Law Enforcement with Telecom solutions, Multisource Data Analysis and Forensic Precision

In a digitalized and chaotic world, Wide Int offers a comprehensive range of solutions to law enforcement agencies, the Police and Custom Services to accelerate investigations and bring evidences to Justice. Wide Int’s offerings encompass legal and digital investigation, real-time geolocation platforms, multisource data analysis, forensic laboratories and be-spoke training programs. Our mission is to support and advise national and international government agencies. We are continuously developing an expertise consolidated by decades of practice. We are committed to the security of all and justice for all. We work tirelessly to ensure the reliability of information useful in solving investigations and preventing crises or security breaches. Every hint gathered by the investigator is consolidated and made intelligible in real time to our users. Each piece of information is analyzed and interconnected to become reliable evidence.
Wide Int: From hints to INTelligence

Our Markets

Wide Int is active globally, with a strong focus on Africa and the Middle East. We offer solutions to countries through local implementation of our experts. We have developed an excellent knowledge of the security issues specific to the African and Middle East context over several decades.

Today, the best technologies must be put at the service of the security of States but also of populations and goods. We intervene directly on site with our experts to define the appropriate solutions and guarantee perfect reliability in the expected performance.

Our commercial offer is aimed at countries, which are experiencing strong economic growth and, consequently, a significant increase in security needs, for example, around events, international meetings, the growth of tourism and counter-terrorism.

Our Vision

INTelligence generally refers to the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. It can include many different aspects, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence. While accuracy of information is an important component of intelligence, it is not the sole defining characteristic.

INTernational, we aim at acting globally, with a bespoke approach to each country or region depending on the specific needs of our clients. We develop a local presence to which is the only way to establish a longstanding relationsship with our clients

INTerconnection refers to the ability to connect different hardware and software solutions together in order to create a unified system. This can involve linking devices, networks, or applications, and requires a good understanding of the underlying technologies involved. Interconnection is an important aspect of modern technology, as it allows different systems to work together more effectively and efficiently.
INTegration generally refers to the process of bringing together different tools or components into a single, unified platform. This can include software applications, hardware devices, or data sources. The goal of integration is to provide a seamless user experience, allowing users to access all the tools and data they need from a single, unified interface. Integration can be a complex process, requiring careful planning and execution in order to ensure that all the different components work together effectively.

Our Core Values


Innovation reflects our desire to promote an imaginative way of coping with change. We constantly want to generate new ideas, optimize our solutions according to the needs of our users, improve processes and renew products and services that will help our clients in their missions of justice.


The reliability of our solutions combined with a close proximity to our customers make it possible to establish a long-term relationship of trust.


We provide expertise to States in crisis prevention and management, the fight against cross-cutting threats, terrorism and organised crime, and the promotion of security.


Commitment is not a negotiable value when it comes to supporting States in their sovereign prerogatives over the security of goods and people. Our availability and flexibility are inherent to our vision of engagement with our customers.

Our Team


President Founder




Deputy CEO


Telecom Director


Forensic Director
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President Founder

Jacques Salognon began his engineering career in 1971 at Olivetti, an Italian company specialising in computer science. Ten years later, he co-founded his first company, in the Paris region, specializing in the edition of microfiche, microfilm and laser. Jacques Salognon developed a taste for entrepreneurship in this nascent technological field in France and in 1991 created a second company, JBF Telecom, a company integrating network and Internet services. He was its managing director until the early 2000s, when he joined RCCS, a large company specializing in cyber-security. 2001 marks a turning point in Jacques Salognon’s career since he created Deveryware, a French company that has become a reference in terms of cyber-security and support for security professionals in their missions to secure people and property. More than 20 years later, Jacques Salognon continues his activities in cyber-intelligence technologies and turns to Africa and the Middle East with his new company, Wide Int’, heir to Deveryware’s skills.


A graduate of HEC, Olivier is an investment banker who began his career within Lazard, before creating his own boutique four years later specializing in mergers and acquisitions and fundraising. In 2005 join forces and co-founded L’Épervier Corporate Finance merged with Financière de Courcelles ten years later to create a leading international M&A mid-cap firm. In 2020 Olivier create Cyrnos Partners, a M&A and investment consulting firm. With these experiences, Olivier joins Wide Int’, heir to Deveryware’s expertise in forensics and telecommunications in Africa and the Middle East, in 2022, as CEO.

Deputy CEO

After an early career in publishing and the digital transformation of the world of press where he was successively sales manager and then deputy director, David wanted to use its experience by creating several structures in the fields of telecommunications and cyber-security. ECTC in the United States, NIGMA in France, Content Framework Software in London, David subsequently directed these structures and was brought to ensure the Business development, mainly abroad, in conjunction with high level contacts. It is therefore natural that he joins the Deveryware group in 2019 as Export Director of the group. Since December 2022, David has been Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Wide Int’, heir to Deveryware’s expertise in forensics and telecommunications in Africa and the Middle East in particular.

Telecom Director

An experienced IT professional, Laurent holds a master’s degree from the University of Science and Technology of Lille. He has proven experience in the telecommunications sector, having worked for: Schlumberger Technologies, CELOGIC, Chelton Telecom and Microwave, ELEXO, GENERALE DE TECHNOLOGIES and NEXA TECHNOLOGIES. Laurent is a specialist in management, business development, wide area networks (WAN), wireless technologies and telecommunications. He is now Telecom Director at Wide Int’, heir to the Deveryware group’s expertise in forensics and telecommunications in Africa and the Middle East.

Forensic Director

Commander of the research unit of the Gendarmerie Nationale for 34 years, Didier has extensive experience in judicial investigations and criminal investigations. He is also a specialist in forensic science in the maritime field. Didier decided to use this expertise to train lawyers, magistrates, police, gendarmes, coast guards and military personnel in forensic science on the management of an offence scene and on the post-attack scenes. Between 2014 and 2023, he is also Co-Manager of Forensic Consulting France, Technical and Commercial Director of Forensic International Solutions and Director of Forensic Materials Solutions. Didier joins Wide Int’, heir to Deveryware’s expertise in forensics and telecommunications in Africa and the Middle East, as Director of the Forensic Division in June 2023