Investigative Geolocation

Real time geolocation for investigation pruposes

WideLoc is our geolocation platform aimed at sovereign internal security services that want a comprehensive system, enabling the acquisition and use of geographic positions for investigation purposes.

Developed in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, our platform allows you to meet the requirements of investigators (investigating officer, intervention, intelligence, or customs teams) and promotes the acceleration of criminal investigations and the effectiveness of intelligence.

WideLoc is an automated geolocation information processing system for targets that alleviates investigators’ workload and contributes to the success of their missions.

Thanks to WideLoc, users can for example:

  • Obtain the geolocation of beacons or mobile phones (in cooperation with telecom operators)
  • Set alerts to be informed of relevant events
  • Analyze previous geolocation datas…


Obtain and utilize geolocation data from mobile telephones and/or GNSS/GPS tags, thanks to a turnkey sovereign platform, which enables the use of cross-tabulated data from all mobile operators.

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