Our Expertise

Expertise for Justice and Security

Wide Int aims to provide governmental and non-governmental agencies with the best technologies for solving investigations, fighting terrorism and more generally for the security of property and people.

Our offer is divided into two divisions: Investigative Telecom and Investigative Forensics.

Investigative Telecom

Leveraging telecom Data

Today, data from telecommunications is fundamental for investigators. The monitoring of the geolocation of targets in real time, the analysis of CDR linked to other data collected from different sources allow an acceleration of investigations.

Investigative Forensics

Bringing clarity to Evidence

Forensic science is the use of scientific methods or expertise to investigate crimes or examine evidence that might be presented in a court of law. Forensic science comprises a diverse array of disciplines, from fingerprint and DNA analysis to anthropology and wildlife forensics. Though they represent varied disciplines, all forensic scientists face a common set of challenges. How do you ensure that forensic methods produce reliable results? How do you communicate findings to a jury or other nonexperts in a way that is accurate and understandable? How do you keep up with new technology without falling behind on casework? Meeting these and other challenges is critical to ensuring that forensic science remains a powerful force in support of justice and public safety.

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