Equipment and Materials

Design and installation of forensic labs

Wide Int is specialized in the sale of technical and scientific police equipment and software for countries around the world. In conjunction with partners for specific equipment, Wide Int have developed proprietary materials designed at the request of police laboratories, the gendarmerie but also the private sector, in France and internationally. These materials we design within our R&D department are unique and manufactured in France favoring short cycle. We are the only company to offer delivery, installation and on-site training.


Together with Wide Int teams, States can:
  • modernise their forensics chain
  • define their needs and design fixed or mobile tailormade laboratories
  • be accompanied towards certification and accreditation
  • provide with innovative equipment…

We design and install bespoke laboratories covering all fields of forensics :

  • fingerprints
  • DNA
  • toxicology
  • ballistics
  • digital forensics…


Embedded solutions: Mobil'DNA

Mobile laboratory for high-throughput rapid DNA analysis for human identification.

Innovation of the Criminal Research Institute of the French National Gendarmerie (IRCGN), a multidisciplinary center of excellence in forensic science, the Mobil’DNA Lab is an easy-to-use operational device that allows the high-throughput and rapid analysis of a large quantity of biological samples while using latest-generation kits allowing the testing of 24 genetic markers.

This laboratory implements the patented GendSAG device, an innovation based on the “Sample And Go” rapid analysis concept.

Mobil’DNA, particularly useful for assisting investigators in dealing with complex bloody crime scenes, fits perfectly into the heart of a fairground chain for identifying mass victims, disasters or attacks.

Wide Int’ through its experience of the Mobil’DNA Lab is able to offer other solutions: Ballistic, fingerprints, fake documents. We are able to respond to all mobile laboratory projects.

Other expertise in Investigative Forensics

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