Wide Int Milipol conference D3

Wide Int Milipol Day 3 : les laboratoires d'analyse dans l'enquête de police judiciaire moderne

Round table on 16 November 2023 at Milipol

In this round table discussion moderated by Joël Ferry, Colonel of the Gendarmerie, we welcome : Jacques Salognon, founding chairman of Wide Int, Jacques Hébrard, Lieutenant General (2S) and former Director of the IRCGN and Bruno Vanden-Berghe, Colonel of the Gendarmerie, former head of PTS quality for the Gendarmerie. Analysis laboratories were set up to facilitate the work of investigators, in both fixed and mobile versions to work directly at crime scenes, thereby helping to develop investigation techniques. Today, advances in technology mean that analyses can be carried out faster and more accurately, and results can be obtained much more quickly.